The classrooms and facilities of the Center can also be booked for private trainings, meetings and other functions.


A conference room for up to 16 people. The room has a fixed projector, a computer, a projector screen, a whiteboard, a flipchart and video conference equipment. 

Ritspiikki  Ritspiikki



A computer lab with workstations for 20 students and a teacher. All computers are equipped with Microsoft Office software and internet access. The classroom also has a fixed projector, a projector screen and a chalkboard.

Fiilari  Fiilari



Classroom with a computer, a fixed projector, a projector screen, a chalkboard and a flipchart.

Freesari  Freesari


For more information, please contact: Emilia Tuominen, emilia.tuominen(at)koneteknologiakeskus.fi, Mobile: +358 40 5529 692

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