Information for Students

In order to make your training and learning experience as successful as possible, we have gathered the following practical information to help you familiarise yourself with the routines and procedures of the Center. If you have any questions, please consult your teacher or personnel of the Center.


Access to the facilities

To enter the building, please use the door on the right of the front entrance which is open from 7:50am until 3:30pm. The other entrances are locked at all times.

Changing rooms

Changing rooms with shower facilities are located on the ground floor, to the right of the entrance corridor.


Parking spaces in front of the Center are reserved for employees and visitors. Studens may leave their cars in the nearby car parks (fee-based) or use on-street parking spaces. Bicycles and motorcycles may be parked in designated areas near the entrance to the Center.


Sodexo restaurants and cafeterias can be found at nearby facilities of Turku University of Applied Sciences and ICT-building. DataCity and PharmaCity buildings also host restaurants and eateries with student-friendly prices. In addition, a fridge and a microwave are available at the Center for packed lunches.

Vending machines for beverages and snacks

Vending machines for beverages and snacks are available for student use. Beverages and snacks should not be taken to classrooms or near the machinery! Empty bottles are to be disposed of in designated boxes near the vending machines


Computer lab Fiilari and classroom Freesari are located on the ground floor of the building. The second floor houses a bigger classroom Verstas. Classroom facilities are reserved via online booking system Timmi.


Smoking is prohibitet on the premises of the Center. Students may use the outdoor smoking area of Turku University of Applied Sciences, located behind the Center.


Taking photographs and filming in the premises of the Center is prohibited without the permission of the personnel.

Operating the machinery

Before students start to operate the machinery, teachers need to provide them with proper guidance and training. In health and safety -related issues, teachers are responsible for informing and instructing students. Protective equipment and clothing has to be worn when operating the machinery.

In case of an accident, danger or emergency, inform the personnel immediately. Everyone is responsible for providing first aid to an injured person and to see that he/she receives due care and attention.


Together with the personnel and teachers,  students are expected to keep the facilities of the Center clean and tidy.


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