Maritime Cluster Programme

The Maritime Cluster Programme is one of the 13 Finnish competence clusters established in 2007 to implement the Centre of Expertise Programme.  Maritime Cluster Programme aims to promote and facilitate development, training and applied research in the Finnish maritime sector and to improve the overall visibility of the maritime cluster. The Programme focuses on increasing and improving the level of reseach and development-related investment, expertise and network activity, promoting information exhange and consolidation between different stakeholders, and fostering internationalisation of Finnish companies. The purpose of the Programme is to create innovative businesses, products and services, improve the productivity and competitiveness of the industry, and ensure the availability of skilled employees. The cluster-based operation model of the Programme makes it possible to gather scattered resources together, and to utilise resources and synergies effectively in order to achieve set goals and strategic outcomes.

For more information, please contact:

Programme Director Mervi Pitkänen, mervi.pitkanen(at), Mobile: + 358 40 5353 066
Programme Manager Juha Valtanen, juha.valtanen(at), Mobile: +358 50 5623 442
Project Secretary Marianne Leistén, marianne.leisten(at), Mobile: +358 44 5181 681

Maritime Cluster Programme website

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