Innoliitos project aims to develop and improve the manufacturing processes, products and product lifecycle management of SMEs operating in technology-driven industries. The project is particularly focused on the promotion and utilisation of laser and robot technologies in manufacturing processes. The key technologies in the project are laser cutting, laser bore, laser welding, laser hybrid welding, and robot welding.

The project consists of 4 interrelated sub-projects, all of which are coordinated by organisations with expertise in modern technologies. Protopaja sub-project, coordinated by Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd., strives to find advanced solutions to the challenges that local SMEs encounter in their manufacturing and production processes. Depending on the needs of participating companies, ervices offered to the SMEs vary from industrial design and preparation of prototypes to test production and product lifecycle management.

For more information, please contact:

Aki Piiroinen, aki.piiroinen(at), Mobile: +358 40 184 1525

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