Tukholma-Pietari Kehityskäytävä

Tukholma-Pietari Kehityskäytävä -project is linked to the E18 corridor, which runs from Oslo to St. Petersburg via Stockholm, Turku and Helsinki, and is one of the most important transportation routes between the EU and Russia. The project aims to find out how the cities of Turku, Helsinki, Kotka and Hamina can benefit from the socio-economic opportunities offered by the new logistic channel. The focus is especially on international investment opportunities and environmentally sustainable, low-carbon solutions. The part of the project coordinated by Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. focuses on incorporating the logistic services offered by the maritime sector to the process.

For more information, please contact:

Juha Valtanen, juha.valtanen(at)koneteknologiakeskus.fi, Mobile: +358 50 5623 442

Mervi Pitkänen, mervi.pitkanen(at)koneteknologiakeskus.fi, Mobile: +358 40 5353 066




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