Kaleidoskooppi project aims to build new kinds of innovation environments by creating a novel innovation network for a broad range of actors from maritime industries, higher education institutes and regional development centers. The project focuses on researching and evaluating both industrial and cultural working methods and models aiming to find out whether cultural working methods could be utilised in the activities and operations of traditional industries to increase and intensify their innovation processes. By doing this, the project also aims to create new income potential for the creative sector.

Workshops, seminars and student competitions are organised as part of the project to explore and evaluate the best practices for innovation. Project Producer functions as a facilitator to create innovation platforms between the entrepreneurs, students and other actors involved in the project, and guides participants in the development work. 

The project is led by HUMAK University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Aalto University, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd, Tampere University of Technology and Turku University of Applied Sciences.

For more information, please contact:

Teemu Hiltunen, teemu.hiltunen(at)koneteknologiakeskus.fi, Mobile: +358 40 5526 292

Kaleidoskooppi website

Kaleidoskooppi presention video in English


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