Turku Seas 2020 Competitiveness Programme coordination project

Turku Seas 2020 coordination project is in charge of preparing and assessing the implementation of the projects introduced in the Turku Seas 2020 competitiveness programme which was published in 2013. 

The two main themes of the coordination project, Blue Manufacturing ja Blue Competences, are focused on creating production development platforms for maritime and metal industries, and assessing the development demands of companies operating within the sectors. The emphasis of Blue Manufacturing is on globally relevant and attractive hubs of product development and manufacturing technology including, for example, the Blue lndustry Park in Turku. Blue Competences -theme reviews maritime and metal industries' competence demands and development needs systematically, seeks and identifies sources of funding, supports the preparations and coordination of companies' development projects, and helps to create preconditions for R&D&I collaboration between companies, universities and institutes of higher education. 

The project is funded by the Ministry of Employment and Economy and the City of Turku.

For more information, please contact:

Pentti Häkkinen, pentti.hakkinen[at]koneteknologiakeskus.fi, Mobile +358 40 1580 122

Juha Valtanen, juha.valtanen[at]koneteknologiakeskus.fi, Mobile +358 50 5623 442

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