Meridiem Arctic

Meridiem Arctic strives to find new ways and means to diversify the competence base of the Finnish maritime industry, as well as widen its business activities, growth and internationalisation prospects via opportunities provided by Arctic regions. The objective is to discover products and services for new market areas and sectors, and to help companies in mapping out future trends and business opportunities while also taking into account increasing quality requirements and international standards.

Among other things, the project focuses on promoting the use of integrated supplier management and supply chain solutions, such as Achilles standards and procedures, in offshore sectors, and developing cooperation with arctic actors, agencies and networks in Singapore. In Finland, these activities are geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises already operating in maritime and offshore sectors, as well as towards newer, growth-oriented companies with potential to innovate and revive the industry. The overarching objective is to help and enable these companies to network and collaborate with each other and with service providers from other sectors in order to enable them to respond efficiently and effectively to the challenges and opportunities provided by internationalisation.

For more information, please contact:

Juha Valtanen, juha.valtanen[at], tel: +358 50 5623 442

Markus Laurinen, markus.laurinen[at], tel: +358 50 3058 061


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