Martec II Call 2014 Brokerage Event in Turku

Martec II Call 2014 Brokerage Event is organised in Turku on January 30th, 2014.

The event aims to:

  • provide a supportive environment for innovative ideas and projects in maritime technology sector, and encourage further collaborations at international level
  • lay a foundation for best projects realised by industrial and research partners
  • provide a venue for scientists and entrepreneurs to interact, innovate and shape the future best project results which is required for a knowledge-driven economy
  • forge stronger linkages and create networking opportunities among science policy stakeholders

Brokerage Event is ideal for:

  • industrial R&D managers from the private sector
  • researchers across all maritime sectors
  • research granting agencies and funding bodies
  • non-governmental organizations
  • scientific associations, having their own legal statuses and being able to be granted
  • students and trainees

There is no participation fee for MARTEC II call 2014 Brokerage Event.

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