PROA device for the European shipbuilding and repairing industry

PROA device for the employees, companies, organisations and public institutions of the European shipbuilding and repairing industry has been released. The device was developed as part of PROA project which focused on improving the mobility of people working in the European shipbuilding and repairing industry by facilitating the recognition, validation and transference of professional skills, knowledge, competencies and learning outcomes across national borders. The device was developed in cooperation with stakeholders from different sectors (industry representatives, education and development institutes, public bodies etc.) and is built upon three main competence areas: welding, pipe fitting and hull assembly.

PROA project was carried out as part of the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme. In addition to Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd., PROA consortium included six partner organisations from five countries (Spain, Finland, Portugal, Lithuania and France). The partnering organsiations utilised existing European transparency tools and instruments (EQF, ECVET, Europass, European CV) as well as national qualification frameworks, and the results and methods from previous projects of the Lifelong Learning Programme.

The device has been released in electronic format and can be accessed via this link. In order to sign-in and use the device, please use the password project7809device.

PROA website

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